Business trip in Tenerife you say, I bet you are thinking what on earth could a person be doing in Tenerife other than getting a good tan!

Well, I´ve heard of Icelanders flocking south to Tenerife for some sun and warm weather during winter season, for obvious reasons . When I got the news that I was going to attend Seatrade Cruise Med, I got excited for the sun, but I had no Idea what I was in for…

Upon arrival, what I saw was a very dry and rough island in the North Atlantic Ocean. It looked like a horrible wasteland with several cacti and some plantations hidden under brown tarps. Not my idea of a good first impression!

We (colleagues and spouses) arrived on Saturday afternoon on the 17th of September and did not do much for the rest of the day except to go for a walk down the main shopping street near La Plaza de España and take a look at the neighborhood which actually looked quite nice. Our first observation was the low pricing of the beer, 1.8 EUR / 2 USD for a large bear, what a bargain compared to the 6-8 EUR / 7-9 USD price in Iceland (bar price).

On our second day, we did what most Icelanders and other visitors do in Tenerife, go to the southern part of the island and enjoy the beaches. This was the least impressive part of our visit. Yes, they have several beaches to choose from, some are rocky – great for surfing, others are wavy, great for a swim and some fun but they are all buzzing with tourists. We got a drink, and later some snacks, at the Monkey Beach Club, which was a nice club but the price of the beer doubled compared to Santa Cruz. Just over 3.2 EUR / 4 USD, so it is definitely not cheap.

Monday was one of the best days we had during our short stay. We went from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, took road TF-21 and went all the way up to mount Teide and through the pine forest. Just look have a look at this spectacular view above the clouds

Tenerife-Travelsof2sisters (2)

And the drive through the pine woods

We (my spouse and coworker´s spouse) went to the town of Los Gigantes, named after the 500-800m cliffs by the town along the coast line. It was a wonderful view and we enjoyed some inexpensive snacks from Lidl and a lovely view.

As a reminder, the reason I was there was to attend the Seatrade Cruise Med show, which was a good show, a bit smaller than Seatrade Cruise Global in Fort Lauderdale, but interesting none the less. I got to know a few of the venues on site and if you are looking to hold a huge event the Institución Ferial de Tenerife S.A. is a great spot, however, BEWARE – it does not have air conditioning which is a killer. For a great party with a view I suggest you rent out La Cascada Eventos by the pools – Parque Maritimo Cesar Manrique.

After three eventful days at Seatrade Med we got to enjoy Friday afternoon at Parque Maritimo Cesar Manrique, with several pools, lots of benches and over all great facilities. The entrance fee is 2.5 EUR / 2.8 USD and a bench costs 2.5 EUR / 2.8 USD which we all gladly paid to get a few hours of sun before departure day. Just look at this view


and the gorgeous girls, clean (but salty) pool and palm trees, what more can you ask for?

We also happened to run across a little vine festival where the locals celebrated their newly harvested crops on Friday evening. They offer a glass for 1.5 EUR / 1.7 USD, the bottles where just 6 EUR / 7 USD each (they are a minimum of 10 EUR / 11 USD in Iceland). I went for a glass of white wine and a bag of banana wine. The white wine tasted great and the banana wine was exotic but good.

and you can go to each farmer and ask for a taste for a mere 1.5 EUR per. What a bargain and again, we were just hanging out with the locals

All the gang during our last night out in Tenerife

On our departure day my spouse and I went to Las Teresitas, the Sahara Desert beach, yeah you read correctly! Apparently in 1973 they transported 270.000 tons of white sand from the Sahara Desert to Tenerife to make this beautiful beach along the coast line, just a short drive from the downtown of Santa Cruz de Tenerife..

I was not aware of any tourists so if you want to hang out with the locals, that is the place to go with free parking. The price for a bench is the same as at the pools 2.5 EUR / 2.8 USD and an umbrella costs 4 EUR / 4.5 USD but there are several palm trees around so you could save a few cents.

Since this was a work related travel we did not have much time for many activities however, there was a lot more to do than I initially thought and the landscape of the island is amazing.

Click hear to get a list of what to do when in Tenerife and visit us on Instagram for more photos.

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