We just got back from the Moroccan Desert Adventure in Morocco with G-Adventures but, more on that later in a full review.
I wanted to share with you the adventure I had in those 15 hours we were in the Sahara Desert.

It all started with us arriving at our departure destination, a lovely hotel beside the Sahara Desert and its incredible sand dunes. Wonderful warm weather, with clear skies and sun shining from above. As we got ready with our turban instructions from our CEO (Chief Experience Officer) we noticed our camels arrive all lined up and tied together to form a simple line.  

The group, all ready to go with the camels in the background
The group, all ready to go with the camels in the background

I was at that point a bit disappointed that we would not be riding on our own like I do with Icelandic horses, but that wish was about to change.

Eva´s rogue camel
Eva´s rogue camel

We were all having a wonderful time in the sun riding the dunes, although I seemed to have gotten the tallest camel of them all and my seat was very uncomfortable and I kept struggling the whole time to get comfortable which was not happening. Honestly it felt like I was going to fall on my right side into the sand, but that´s not what happened!

We were chatting between camels and I was saying that I expected us to be on our own, like horseback riding in Iceland. Little did I know until my wish came true and my camel went rogue! Yes, you heard me it got loose and for a short while I was loose from the heard!
Thankfully I could call for help, not loudly though and they came and tied my camel back to the group.

A little later we were all having fun when again, my camel just does what it wants to do and it lies down and starts dragging the camels in front down with it since they were all bound tightly together. I was just surprised and waited for the camels to stand back up but nothing happened and then, Driss our CEO and the camel staff came and I realized something was off.

I heard little panic sounds from the group but I must admit I was quite calm until our CEO came and asked me to get off with a bit of a worried note in is voice, that is when I realized things were not as they were supposed to be.

It turned out my camel had lost its footing and simply couldn´t get up again and it dragged James´s (one of our travel buddies in the group) camel down too and almost destroyed all his camera gear which was stuck to the camel and it sort of lied on top of it and stamped its hooves on it as well (thankfully it was all right except for a little dent in one of the attachments).

However, James’s camel seemed pissed off and James decided to walk the rest of the way with all his gear and I decided to join him since my camel was quite uncomfortable to ride anyway and it was bleeding from its mouth after the whole incident.

Just look at this video, does this look like a happy camel?


I ended up having a wonderful walk in the desert and getting some great pictures while at it. The rest of the group was quite sore between their legs when we got back to camp but pleased with the ride.

Panoramic view of the Sahara desert
Panoramic view of the Sahara desert

I spent the rest of the afternoon climbing on top of the highest sand dune and watching the lovely sunset.

Sahara sunset
Sunset in the Sahara desert

The morning after we woke up before 7 to watch the sunrise and then went back on our camels for the ride back.

Sahara sunrise
Sunrise in the Sahara Desert

I got a different camel this time and what a difference. This was so comfortable and nothing like the day before and if this is the normal camel ride in the desert I can highly recommend it – it is a different experience. However, I do recommend the desert walk, but be careful – it gets hot during summer and it isn´t easy on your feet – feels like walking in heavy snow for those who know what that feels like.

To sum up, if you feel something is not right, speak up and let your CEO know so they can make some arrangements!

This was certainly a day to remember and a great story for the books.


  1. This sounds like a funny adventure with your rogue camel; I’ve been to Morocco but didn’t get chance to do a camel trek there. Although I did on my hen weekend in Egypt and you’re right it’s definitely not the most comfortable mode of transport! Haha!

  2. Love this!!! I didnt know they had camel rides in Morocco, definitely doing this when I make it here! I loved seeing camels in Dubai so I know it will be even better to ride on one! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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