Neither of us had a good night sleep, our room was noisy, by the road with single pane glass and the mattresses are hard and pillows as well. Oh well, we will see how the next two nights go, perhaps a good night cap will help us sleep.

We had complimentary breakfast which was really nice and good selection of food, even some nice Peruvian food too.
We went to see the Museo de Choco to see how chocolate is made and so forth. There isn´t that much to see there, BUT you can by some real good chocolate and learn how to make chocolate. Lára ended up buying some real nice Peruvian salted chocolate and I booked my self a chocolate course for tomorrow morning.

While walking through the town we had to battle our way through a very crowded place full of food stalls. They all contained this delicious meat… do you see the picture? Yes those are roasted Guinea pigs! I was so naive to think they were only used as pets and not human food! It seems they roast a lot of guinea pigs for festivals such as this one.

Guinea pig at the market, YES I said Guinea pigs!


The cathedral by Plaza de armas, one of two or three.

Lára was feeling tired so she went back to the hotel while I strolled through the town and watched more of the Sun festival.
I met this wonderful woman and her son and we chatted for a bit, took some pictures and she told me about the parade with the saints. It was all good fun and I had a lovely time.

A “few” people at the festival.


Boys and men carrying one of the 13 (or 14 ) saints.


Me and my new found friends for the day.

On my way back I met three Peruvian ladies with their baby alpacas. I got permission to take their picture and I gave them some tips instead. They baby alpacas were soooo cute, I couldn´t help my self.

Peruvial ladies and their Baby Alpacas.

The rest of the afternoon was all about resting and catching my breath after the walk.
For dinner, Lára opted for her all time favorite chocolates and other “junk food”, I went out to Morena Café for a nice dinner and a cocktail.

I took a stroll through the town again on my way to our hotel for a, hopefully, good nights sleep.

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