Today marks the first day, i.e. arrival day for our Inca trail adventure. We stayed in bed until 9 am when I headed down for breakfast and got ready for my Chocolate adventure at Museo de Cacao here in Cuzco. Meanwhile, Lara is enjoying relaxation time.

The view when I arrived at 11.

I showed up for my class around 11 am and was the only student for the first 5 minutes when a mother and son arrived and joined the course. Our instructor for the day was Antonietta, a lovely girl from Cuzco. She told us everything we needed to know about chocolate and its process from tree, to bean to chocolate.

Ready for the course with my chocolate cap and apron!

We made our very own Peruvian hot chocolate and then continued to make our own chocolate bonbons. I had a fantastic time, we needed to sacrifice “blood” for the hot chocolate and sing to make sure the whole process was done correctly. The class took about 2 hrs long and felt very informative and fun.

Me and Antoinette.

The only downside was the other woman in the class, taking endless videos and having me in them without my permission, not something I am fond of at all!

Me and my crazy chocolate partners.


Action time at the Cacao Museum.

After the class we were informed we needed to wait 45 minutes for our chocolate to harden so I went to the chocolate café (in the same place) and had savory French crepe with hot chocolate. Chatted with some of the staff members and of course I had to show them my cake creations as well.

Real Hot Chocolate and Crepes.

Once my chocolate was ready I made my way through the crowds of the festival back to the hotel to get ready for our briefing for the Inca trail tomorrow.

The view when I left around 2 pm.

We met with our group and tour leader at 15:30 in the afternoon and made our way through the crowds to get to our G Adventure spot for the briefing.

The briefing was informative but our guide is not the smiley type so I hope he is more happy once we get on the journey and not too serious.
We were informed about our 43km hike up to the point of around 4.350 m. What our tents would be like and how much luggage we can bring with us. Turns out it is 6 kgs with sleeping bags and extra mattresses. Since Lára and I needed to rent sleeping bags and I wanted an extra mattress, I only get to bring 3 kgs with me in the bag, but I can carry more in my day back which is around 5 kgs, haha!

After the briefing we headed out to the grocery store to grab some water, granola bars and other important snacks for the hike, because even though food is included during the hike our guide said it might not be enough since it is mainly bread and coffee…

WE started packing and weighing our bags before we were lazy and ate dinner at the restaurant of the hotel since it is pretty cheap compared to a restaurant but the steaks we had were over cooked (we asked for medium rare but got well done) so it wasn´t as nice as it could have been.

The rest of the night we spent preparing our selves for the first day of our tour tomorrow. Our inca trail starts on June 16th so we will be celebrating our national day hiking the Inca trail, not to shabby I would say.
All right, I am off to bed.

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