The first day of our G Adventures tour in Peru. It went as follows.

The view over the city of Cusco

First thing in the morning at roughly 7.30 AM we were picked up by our tour guide, David, who walked us to the G Adventures bus two blocks away. We were then driven for roughly two hours or so to a Women’s Hand-weaving Co-Operative.

Women’s Hand-Weaving Co-op

At the co-op, they showed us how they make the colors. It was amazing to see how they make the colors organically using flowers and insects. Dying the wool by boiling it in the mixture. It was all quite fascinating.


Women’s Hand-weaving Co-Operative


Once they finished demonstrating how they create the colors, dye the wool and how they weave everything together, we were shown the animals at the place. They had guinea pigs, alpacas, and even llamas. They sold loads of handmade garments such as hats, headbands, gloves, scarfs, jumpers and even bags. Everything you could possibly need to keep warm at night while out camping. Me and my sister might have gone a little overboard with shopping…

The guinea pigs at the Women’s Co-op

After the co-op, we were then driven to an Inca ruin called Pisca. The ruins were interesting and quite amazing to gaze at. However, what truly took my breath away was the view. The Pisca ruins had the most wonderful view of the Sacred Valley.

The beautiful Sacred Valley from a top Pisca


For lunch, we stopped by some village, and we had lunch at a restaurant called, Parwa. The whole place looked nice but most certainly modern compared to most other places in Peru that we’ve seen. Especially in the Cusco region. The food was quite good though. We were told that it was authentic Peruvian food, so that was a great thing.


Where we went to for lunch


In the afternoon, we went to the town of Ollyantambo. There we checked into a hotel for the night. Shortly afterward, we went to the Ollyantambo Inca ruins. The way up to the top was a bit of a hike but as our tour guide said, a good practice for our Inca trail hike. The ruins were interesting. The architecture was as with all Inca sites, amazing and unbelievable.

Ollyantambo Inca ruins
The view from atop of the ruins

In the evening, my sister and I joined Neil and Dawn for a drink before dinner. After a bit and some good beer, we headed to the restaurant, Station, where we were supposed to have dinner with the whole group. Once we arrived, we found out that we were the last ones to arrive. Apparently, everyone was quite hungry and showed up earlier.

The Station had big food portions

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