Inca Trail: Day 1

This is how we celebrated Iceland National Day.

The first day of our four day Inca Trail hike and everyone was excited, well mostly everyone. Personally, I was dreading it a bit since I’m not exactly in the best shape. I fear I’ll run out breath within the first five minutes and feel like giving up. Hopefully, that won’t happen.

Before driving two hours from Ollyantambo, we had to pick up two more people who were going to join our group. On the way, we learned the names of the rest of the group. Sara and Sophie, Alex and Alice, Paul, Andy and Julie, Charlotte and Rebecca and Rob and Kat.

Everyone trying to get everything ready for the hike

Once we arrived at the place we were headed, we had to wait for our porters. Shortly after they arrived, we began our hike. However, before we could officially begin our hike, we had to go through some security point. We had to show our tickets and passport. After which, we could officially begin our hike.

The beginning of the hike

We hiked for roughly three hours with several breaks in between until we had lunch.

Inca ruins we found on the way

Our porters somehow went way faster than us and had everything ready and set up for us to eat when we arrived. The food turned out to be far better than expected. We got soup as a starter; turkey served with rice and vegetables as a main dish. It was all delicious.

Lunch spot
We had a delicious lunch in the big grey tent

We didn´t arrive at our campsite for the night until around 5.00 PM. By that time, everyone was exhausted and excited for a cold beer. To our surprise, while waiting for hot tea/coffee time, we were each given a bowl of hot water. After such a long day, it was so nice to be able to freshen up a bit.

Camp site
Me (Lara) in our two-person tent

During hot tea/coffee time, we were also served some biscuits and quite fantastically, freshly popped popcorn. It was the best thing ever after all day hiking.

The view from our tent

For dinner, it was a two-course meal again. We got a delicious soup as a starter and meat and rice dish as a main. It was all so delicious. I’ll admit though; my hunger probably made it taste a tad bit better than it did.

On the right are the porters and on the left is us along with our tour group

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