Inca Trail: Day 2

Pancakes with dulce de leche for breakfast

Today we hiked the toughest part of the Inca Trail, known as Dead Woman´s Pass. It was difficult from the start since we had to hike uphill for roughly four hours. Most of the time, it was quite steep.

We hiked for roughly 4 hours uphill
The view while going up

Eventually, we reached the campsite that was the “easiest” part of the hike. There everyone took a long break, drinking loads of water and eating up some energy.

Everyone resting before taking on Dead Woman’s Pass.

The hike to the top of Dead Woman’s Pass was considered free time. People were allowed to take their time. The group was supposed to then meet up at the top. Once we got to the top, everyone agreed that the view made all the struggle worth it.

I probably stopped for breaks dozens of times while going up
The view from the top of Dead Woman’s Pass.


Silly faces atop Dead Woman’s Pass


We were probably almost two hours at the top, before going back down and make our way to camp. It took a while for the whole group to make their down. Although some hadn’t arrived yet, a lot of us were so hungry that we started lunch without them. Which was at roughly 3.30 PM.

Campsite nr.2
The view from our tent

After that, everything was relatively boring. Relaxing after such a difficult hike before enjoying some hot tea and freshly popped popcorn at 5.30 PM. Then an hour later, we had a delicious dinner.

Eva made a delicious Chocolate Cheesecake after today’s hard work.

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