Inca Trail: Day 4

Last day of the Inca Trail hike. It was a short hike to Machu Picchu, only two hours and the path wasn’t so bad. It was flat for most of the way which was nice.

On the way, we stopped at the Sun Gate to enjoy the beautiful view. Supposedly you can see Machu Picchu from there. Unfortunately, once we got there, it was so cloudy that we couldn’t really see anything.

At first, you couldn’t see anything and then the clouds cleared up a bit.


After a while, most of the group left to go down to Machu Picchu. Some of us, however, decided to stay a bit longer. Hoping that the clouds would clear.

You have no idea how happy we were to finally reach Machu Picchu!

Once we finally got to Machu Picchu, suddenly, it was all worth it. All that pain from the hike, the food poisoning, etc became so worth it.

Another side of Machu Picchu

Once it was around lunch time, we decided to head down and into Machu Picchu town to grab some lunch. We said goodbye to Alex and Alice since they were going to join their other group again.

In Machu Picchu town

We had lunch at the restaurant Hot Springs 1, and the food was good. Service could have been better though.

Tacos and a margarita for lunch

After lunch, my sister and I went souvenir shopping. She got a t-shirt while I bought the usual refrigerator magnet. I´ve been collecting one from each country I’ve been to.

Shortly afterward, we then took a train to Ollyantambo which took two hours. We then drove another two hours via G Adventures bus back to Cusco. Once we finally arrived back at the Prisma, the first thing we did was enjoy a nice hot shower. I swear it was the best shower ever.

Later in the evening, some of us in the group went out to dinner one last time. We went to a place called Nuna Raymi. Our tour guide, David recommended it too to us, and he even joined us for dinner. The food was delicious and honestly couldn’t have been better.

Who knew meat and pasta would be a brilliant combo?

It was a good day.

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