Today I left Lára behind (as I often seem to do or does she leave me behind?) with her new found friend, Tobi from Switzerland, and off I went for a horse riding tour in the valley of Trinidad.

I was picked up on time which is something I have to get used to again… I was picked up by Lucerno (the horse) and his owner Antonio (If I remember correctly, I forgot to write down his name). I was taken by a horse carriage to the outskirts of town where some locals spoke together and then I was asked if I knew the price. I said, yes it was supposed to be 20 CUC. He said no it is 25 because there is an entrance fee. Since I am not very good in Spanish and NO other tourists around I didn´t argue but thought this was odd. Then Lucerno and his owner took me further to another place. There he took the carriage of the horse and but a saddle own it and said he was my horse for the day. Poor thing had been working since early morning and now had to carry be around all day. I felt a little sorry for Lucerno.

Lucerno with his carriage.


Lucerno´s owner and me.

Off I went with the guide who didn´t seem very happy and I met the rest of the group. One couple and two girls, the girls were from Germany and the couple from Spain and Argentina.

We rode our horses into the valley, Lucerno was not up for a fast pace so I watched in jealousy at the other riders who had very willing and eager horses.

Our first stop was at a small “café” where a local grows his own coffee beans and tobacco plants offered us coffee for 2 CUC and a free cigar to go with it. This was all lots of fun even if I don´t drink coffee or smoke cigars. Here is a small video of the demonstration of coffee making he did for us.


We continued our journey into the valley, our next stop was a beautiful waterfall where all the tourists were bathing and having fun. We were there probably for an hour but I didn´t go in since I wasn´t informed we could go bathing so I had nothing to bathe in. But maybe just as well, it was very crowded and I watched a couple of people fall on the slippery rocks. Instead I drank an ice cold lemonade called Berta and I immediately thought of the new CEO of the Iceland Ocean Cluster and of course sent here the photo.

Panoramic view of the waterfall area.


Berta, the ice cold refreshing lemon soda I had by the waterfall.

After the refreshing swim, we headed back on our beautiful Cuban horses. Made a stop at the same restaurant as we started and the group ordered some sandwiches but I had one at the waterfall so I saved some money there.

Just another Panorama.

When we got back to town, they just left us at the end of town and didn´t take me back to the Casa. Thankfully I had on the phone and I couldn´t find my way back in the searing heat in the afternoon. I told our casa host about everything and she was not happy and phoned the guy who set things up and got my 5 CUC back and apologized to me for the trouble. This was very nice of her and not something I expected.

Lucerno after the wonderful ride we had together.

In the evening I went to the same restaurant we went to for our first night and met a couple of guys, Trevor and Irwin from the US who kept me company for the night before calling it a night and walking back in the rain. Thank you guys for the chat and remember to be in touch if you ever come to Iceland!

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