We left Trinidad early this morning back to Havana. The plan was to go to Vinales for two nights but we changed our mind and opted for Havana for the two extra days and were just thinking of going on a day tour to Vinales instead. We got a nice collectivo thanks to our casa host in Trinidad. Since we left early in the morning it wasn´t too hot, not until the last hour or so when I got a nice “farmers” tan on my right arm (there is some color difference that I need to even out…). Here are a few photos from the road. I wanted to show you one of many photos I have gotten of Lára while sleeping and travelling but figured I better do it when we get back so she doesn´t leave me behind somewhere in Mexico…

The view on the road from Trinidad to Havana. Take a close look at the fence…


The view on the road from Trinidad to Havana.


The view on the road from Trinidad to Havana.

Once we arrived in Havana we went for some lunch at the Ballerina, the place we found our first morning in Havana.

We went back to our casa after that but Lára´s new friend was staying close by so they decided to meet up and I went walking around the city. I found a few museums I wanted to take a closer look at tomorrow and just enjoyed the city walk.

The Great Theatre of Havana by the Square downtown and El Capitolo to the left.


The light in this one makes me feel like I am back in 1955-1965.


This is what real Havana feels like. This picture has no filter.


I took this photo for our dad, these two cars are everywhere!

The picture above is just one of many many photos of old cars around Havana. I probably have a whole album just for our dad when we get back to Iceland.

By late afternoon I ended up by the waterfront, Malecón, and got an amazing sunset in Havana. A Cuban approached me and we had a chat in Spanglish and off I went to find a place to have dinner.

Morro Castle (Castillo De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro)


Late afternoon at the Malecón.


Sunset at Malecón, one of the places the locals go to hangout at night and apparently fishing too.


Beautiful sunset.

Otherwise It was a rather uneventful day.

One of Havana´s street under construction.

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