I (Eva) was a little lazy today. Not sure what my sister was up to with Tobi… Yes, I know what you guys are thinking, why aren´t the two of you doing something together. The truth is we are pretty sick of each other for the moment and we just needed a break from so I am glad she has someone to hang out with and I can make new friends (once I figured the restaurants are the best place when you are not at a hostel).

My new found friend in the staircase of our casa.

I pretty much just enjoyed walking around the city today. Went back for brunch at the Lamparilla Tapas & Servecas (yes the same one from yesterday) and walked some more before taking a break for some air-con at our casa.

The case of the bill at Lamparilla Tapas & cervezas.


I found my new toilet paper stand. I like the imagination here.

I wanted to go out again in the evening so I once again searched for a restaurant since the one I intended to go to for lunch today was closed for renovations that is why I went back to Lamparilla (and they have Icelandic water). I first went to the rooftop of Iberostar Parque Central Hotel by the square for the fantastic panoramic view but I definitely paid the price for that since the drink was 6,75 CUC! Ouch!

The view of my table at Iberostar hotel by the Square and live music on the side.


The view over to Hotel Englaterra and El Capotoli.


Panoramic view of the square.


This is where the classic cars park during the day.


One of many sunset photos, I am obsessed with sunsets.

For dinner, I ended up going to El Dandy. I had to sit at the bar at first but then I got a better seat by a table across from two ladies. I went about for my dinner and just enjoying the food and atmosphere. The tacos there were amazing by the way!
Me and one of the two ladies at the table across from me kept making eye contact for some reason and we ended up chatting and talking for a while over another drink. Her name is Heidi from Austria and she is in Cuba for a month to learn Spanish, salsa dancing and more cool stuff.

We ended up deciding to check out club Roma which was supposedly a very nice club. When we got there we had to embark in the oldest elevator I have entered and I was really worried I might not make it to the top… we did and found this tiny bar in a building I think should be condemned. It has a nice view and a nice view to chat but very few seats to sit so we stood there for a while before searching for the next place. She took me to a place where they usually have a full house of people dancing salsa but tonight was a slow night and it was pretty empty apart from the elderly white ladies and their young Cuban friends… very interesting scene indeed.

Club Roma, what is see is the whole night club!


Selfi of Heidi and me in the shady elevator.

We ended up calling it a night since I have a tour early tomorrow morning to Vinales but we decided to try and meet up tomorrow night to go to another club so we will see how it goes.

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