Happy 4th of July to all our friends in the USA.

Today was yet another day we didn´t do anything. It is also our last day at the NYX hotel on the Hotel zone and by the beach so we are just making the most of the day and staying in. Anyway it is just cloudy and rainy out there.

We went to Hooters again for Lunch, a very late lunch I might add before hitting the Cinemex for some Baywatch. I had been wanting to see the movie and apparently Lára did too so we went together and there were just us two and three other guys (apart from the guy who was there for a while on the phone and then left).

This is what the waitress did for every customer. Pretty cute don´t you think?

Again straight to our hotel for some Netflix and wifi time, what a boring life we have when we should be enjoying the beaches and night life. But this is what can happen when you´ve gone a little over budget…

For dinner we went out to Taco Grill La Isla and had some Tacos and drinks and were lucky enough to see the fireworks from some of the hotels on the Hotel zone. It was a nice dinner out and cheaper than most we have had so far.

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