Yet another sad day. This was our last morning at the NYX so we made the most of it. Just ran down for breakfast and stayed in bed until noon when we had to check out. Lára and I have often discussed our sleeping habits during our travels, well we often share the same bed so it comes up once in a while. We also get separate beds and enjoy comparing the situation of the beds after the nights. Finally I managed to take the picture for comparison and now we are showing them to you. Who do you think is the sound sleeper and who might be all over the place?

Lára´s bed after one night.


Eva´s bed after one night.

We decided to walk in the direction of Coco Bongo and see what they had to offer there. We walked by the flea market which is one of the worst tourist traps I have been to on this whole trip. I am certainly not going back there any time soon that is for sure and I encourage anyone I meet to avoid it like the plague!

Once we clawed our way out we went to Hard Rock Café for some milkshakes and brownies. Lára ordered a Brownie which was served in a gigantic margarita glass with bunch of ice cream. Definitely not what was displayed on the menu and Lára was like what! Where the f***k is my brownie… Pretty funny for me as a spectator but not so funny for her.

Not so happy face on Lára and the “brownie incident”.

We kept walking for while since we had nowhere to go. Our check in at the Airbnb was at 3 pm so we still had time to kill. We walked passed a few tour guides and one caught Lára´s eye and we listened in for a bit. He offer us a tour to Chichen Itza for 50 USD instead of 79, food included. Well we thought it sounded reasonable (apparently pricing here is like Asia – NEVER look at the signs and always haggle). We listened and once we agreed to do the tour tomorrow morning he wanted to add another 10 USD pr person for entrance wee. We were like what? No, that is not what you offered and we were gonna walk out so he said we could get it for 50. WE walked out pretty satisfied with that and back to our hotel to go to the Airbnb.

On the way we walked passed the Google Street view car, so maybe you will find us in Cancun in the next couple of months…

The Google Street Car.

Our bell boy was really nice and handed his number in case we got in trouble with our Airbnb or anything.

Well, on we went to our Airbnb wich took about an hour to get too because someone (a.k.a.) my sister didn´t do the prep work and the taxi driver didn´t really seem to know where were going. We finally got there and got this simple studio apartment. Well for 10 USD pr. Night pr. Person I can´t complain. The only thing missing is a microwave or a kettle, that would make things a lot easier regarding food. But I guess it will be sandwiches, yogurt and cereal until we leave for new York because we want to do some shopping in New York city 😉

That’s it for today, need to get up bright and early for Chichen Itza…

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