This morning we woke up bright and early since we were going a guided tour to Chichen Itza. However, the tour included a couple of stops to other places as well for only 50 USD in total. It took us roughly 20 minutes to walk to the pickup point from our Airbnb. Once there it took a while for people to arrive and then drive to another place and pick up more people.

Once we finally were on our way, it took two hours to drive to our first stop, which was a church that was built using Mayan ruins. The church was beautiful, and the park across the street was quite French in style.

The beautiful church we visited

Our second stop was Cenote Zací, a sinkhole merely ten minutes away from Chichen Itza. It was awesome walking down the steps and seeing all that water at the bottom. Amazing to see so much fresh water collected there and to think that all of that is rain water. We were offered to swim in there, but neither of us wanted to swim with the mandatory life jackets on so we saved 1$ each!

Cenote Zací sinkhole

Before heading to Chichen Itza, we stopped by a Mayan village for lunch. The food there was pretty good, and there were so many cool things for sale in the not so little shop that they had. You could buy traditional Mayan statues that were supposed to have some special meaning of some kind. My sister and I didn’t buy any of that because it was so expensive. I mean, Eva found a statue of a turtle for 6.000 pesos!

Lunch spot of the day


The “small” Mayan shop next to the lunch spot

Anyway, after lunch, we finally went to Chichen Itza. Seeing the temple in real life was so surreal. It is such an amazing piece of architecture and to think that it was built such a long time ago. It is unbelievable. Also, there were so many other amazing Mayan ruins around. Our guide said that there were roughly 22 Mayan ruins around Chichen Itza.

Chichen Itza was a sight to behold when seen in real life.


At Chichen Itza, there was pretty much a street market thing going on

Afterward, we simply headed back to Cancun. On the way back though, our guide gave everyone on the bus a shot of tequila. It was the most random thing ever but still quite awesome though. We also got a shot of some Mayan liquor that was green and reminded me of licorice. I didn’t like it, but my sister loved it. So much so that she bought a bottle of it that was being sold on the bus. It even had a photo of us on it because a photographer took a picture of us during lunch that day.

On the way back to Cancun it rained heavily

We arrived back in Cancun around 8.00 PM, headed straight to Walmart and bought some groceries. Since it had been such a long day, we just chilled for the rest of the night.

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