As per usual, we tried to sleep in but somehow still woke up early.

We spent the morning chilling at our Airbnb and watching even more Netflix. Around noon, however, we eventually decided to actually do something. Therefore, we decided to check out the famous Market 28. Luckily for us, it was close by, and it took us only ten minutes to walk from our Airbnb.

Market 28

Once we arrived at the market, we immediately noticed that there were a bunch of the same stuff for sale that we’ve seen everywhere. However, after we took a turn and went to some of the stalls on the sides, we noticed they had a couple of things we hadn’t seen anywhere.

In addition, a bunch of the stalls located either at the back or on the side of the main area of the market, they charged far less than the stalls in the main area. We thought that was a bit odd but then again, the stalls in the main area probably overprice their stuff.

Main area of Market 28

Anyway, after spending some time at Market 28, we went to Walmart. For the past couple of days, we’ve been trying to save our money for New York by buying food at Walmart. Instead of going out to eat. So far I think we’ve done rather well in that regard.

We were so happy that Walmart was merely a two-minute walk away.

Since my sister and I both want to do some shopping in New York, we spent our evening at our Airbnb. We saved our money by hanging out, having some sister time and catching up on Netflix.

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