Usually, my sister and I, much like everyone else, hate Monday’s. However, so far during our trip around the world, we’ve done some awesome stuff that makes us love it a little. Today is definitely one of those Mondays.

Playa Delfines is such a gorgeous beach

This morning, we spent our Monday morning on Playa Delfines (Dolphin Beach) working on our tan. Much to our surprise the beach actually turned out to not only be huge but also there weren’t that many people there either. Which was without a doubt awesome. It was so cozy chilling on the beach, tanning and enjoying the great weather.

I honestly couldn’t help but take the classic beach pic

In the afternoon, we finally headed back. On our way home, we, of course, stopped by Walmart and bought some stuff for dinner. Since we were hungry though, we ended up buying a bunch of junk food. Which we ended up binge eating while watching more Netflix.

The junk food we got because we went grocery shopping while hungry

Another day spent not really doing anything, and it was great.

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