We managed to get out of the house today and we even went further than Walmart! 

We slept in as usual but I had decided I wanted to get my last affordable spa day before heading home. I did my research on spas in the area since I didn´t want to go to one of the resort spas in the hotel zone. I found AUVI Beauty Accents, just across the street from our Airbnb and thought it looked nice on their Facebook profile. I even sent them a question and got a response within the hour so I decided this was the place to go to.

I went over and asked for pedicure +wax and I was told to come back at three. So Lára and I went for a little walk to see a monument which was supposedly nearby. When we arrived there, it was just a simple round about with nothing in it. I guess maps.me needs to do some updating…

Anyhow, Lára didn´t join me for the spa session as she is still saving her money for a New York shopping spree before we go home.

When I arrived the photographer I saw earlier was still there taking some promotional photos of the girls and the services they provide. While she was in the middle of waxing my legs they asked if the photographer could come in and do some action shots. I of course said no problem and suddenly I was a leg model for a Mexican Spa in Cancun. What are the chances? I had to take a phew photos my self for proof. But you might find me on their Facebook page in a couple of weeks.

Action time, wax on wax off!


Yes, looks like a close up and yes he was within arms length!

The photo shoot continued while I got my pedicure and I actually ended up taking a manicure as well. The whole thing cost me 700 pesos or 4.500 kr. If you are lucky, you might get waxing at a beauty salon in Iceland, but not much else!

Looks like my she needed some strong arms at that very moment.


My beautician doing an interview.

The remainder of the day was pretty chilled and relaxation. Tomorrow is our last day in Cancun so I am betting we will make the most of it. 

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