Today was our last day in Cancun. We have been rather lazy here in Cancun and saving our money for New York (as we have probably mentioned before). I decided to go to the beach to catch the last sun rays and quality beach time before heading back home.

My view at the beach in the shade.

I went to Playa Delfines again and picked a nice spot by one of the lifeguard towers. It felt like I had the while beach to myself since most of the palapas (umbrellas) were available, no one at the beach and so quiet. Just look at these photos.

You an hardly see anyone here, a few tiny ants.


Classic, legs on the beach photo!

As time passed, more people came and again I witnessed a photo shoot. This time around it was this beautiful girl posing in some nice swimwear. Of course I stole a phew shots my self to share with you dear reader.

The model in her photo shoot by the beach.

After some quality time I thought it was time to head back. On my way back I checked on the turtle nests and the Cancun sign. I did not want to wait in a long line for a photo so I just snapped one with some random strangers in it. Not too bad really, more of a reality of how everything was.

Turtle nests at Playa Delfines.


The “famous” Cancun sign by the beach.

When I got back Lára was just chilling and we decided we should go out to dinner for our last night. We ended up going to Hard Rock (not the cheapest place I know). But the food was fantastic, big portions and nice drinks.
We went for some mac & cheese and I had two cocktails to boot and Lára had the dessert (of course).

My very strange colored cocktail.

We did do one practical thing. We booked our hotel in New York for our last 4 nights on this long journey. We booked the Fairfield inn & suites by Times Square since it is close to Port Authority bus terminal and within walking distance from all the major attractions. I booked through hotel tonight and called the hotel to check if they could provide us with twin beds. Both of us have been sharing a bed for 8 days and we really need two separate beds for the rest of our stay. Hopefully they are able to accommodate our request, we will see tomorrow!

That is it for now, good night.

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