Early this morning we left Cancun and flew to the beautiful city of New York. Despite arriving at around 1.00 PM, it took several hours to get through the airport and take the shuttle bus to Midtown, Manhattan.

Hello New York!

Through the app Hotel Tonight, my sister was able to book four nights at the Fairfield Inn & Suites Marriott near Times Square. Thanks to Hotel Tonight, we got an amazing deal so we didn’t pay that much. Anyway, once we got ourselves settled in our cozy twin-bed room we went out and roamed around Times Square.

Our cozy hotel room

It was so amazing to see Times Square at night and seeing all the lights shine so bright. There were so many people there, we were constantly bumping into people. Despite that, it was still amazing.

Times Square

Afterward, we ended up checking out the Empire State Building. Although we didn’t go up, we still roamed around the first floor. We did so for a little while before slowly heading back to our hotel.

Empire State Building

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