Plan for the day: Shop till we drop at the fabulous Woodbury Common Premium Outlet Mall.

Port Authority Bus Terminal

We woke up early this morning at took the 9.00 AM bus to the mall. The ride was roughly 40 minutes. The bus itself was quite cozy, and we thought it would be good to go shopping since it was raining a little bit. Little did I know that Woodbury was an outdoor mall. Therefore, we shopped in the rain.

On our way to the outlet mall

Thankfully, the food court was indoors so at least we didn’t have to eat outside. I ended up trying out Chipotle which turned out to be quite good. Meanwhile, my sister got what looked like a mouth-watering Philly Cheese Steak.

Food court at Woodbury Premium Outlet


Tried out Chipotle for the first time. Turns out it was actually quite good

After lunch, we did more shopping. My sister and I ended up splitting up for a while since we wanted to shop at different stores. However, we of course reunited and went to Under Armour together along with other athletic shops. Unfortunately, we are both obsessed with buying gym clothes. It’s bad since I don’t really work out that often. Therefore, don’t need a lot of gym clothes.

Woodbury Common Premium Outlet

Anyway, after roughly seven hours of shopping, we took the bus back to Manhattan. We dropped all of our shopping bags at our hotel room before grabbing some dinner. We decided to go for cheap eats and went to a place recommended by the Hotel tonight app, Go Go Curry. To my surprise, the food was amazing and delicious. The service was super fast, and you get a lot for a little.

Go Go Curry is a Japanese fast food chain with several locations in Manhattan.


Katsu Curry is my new favorite

In the evening, I did just a little more shopping because I’m a shopaholic.



After shopping all day, this is what I got

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