This morning we took a break from shopping and went on a Hop on hop off tour to downtown. The plan was to take the bus to the ferry terminal at pier 11 and go over to Brooklyn and check out Dekalb Market Hall. Well that did not go exactly as planned. When we got to pier 11 we were told the next ferry was at 12 so we waited for about 20 minutes. This is when we got the info that the ferry does not go from there to Brooklyn, it only stops there on the way down and not on the way up! Oh well lesson learned. So we grabbed a bite at Dunkin Donuts and got back on the bus to mid-town.

The flat Iron Building.


Typical New York street.

This is when the afternoon changed into something else. On our way back to the hotel we walked along Avenue of the Americas (6 th avenue) and realized there is a big street market. Street food, clothes, all sorts of cheap junk as I would call it.

Do you see the street market behind me?


Street market at the Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue)

We took a break and refresher at our hotel before we headed out since Lára wanted to continue her “shop til you drop” thing she had going on. I made the wrong decision and went with her but after just two or three stops I gave up and headed back to the hotel. On the way I walked passed a trump protest with a few cops. I also walked passed this cute little police car and these giant horses!

Trump protest in the middle of New York.


Cops on horses in New York.


Small & cute cop car in Mid Town.

Once I arrived at the hotel I figured Lára would be out for the rest of the evening so I asked the concierge if she could score some last minute ticket deals to a Broadway show for me. I got one of the last seats to Lion King the musical.
When I arrived at the Minskoff theater I was lucky there was no big line and I pretty much walked directly to my seat. H131 at the mid mezzanine.

One happy selfie before the first ever Broadway show, Lion King!


Mask at Minskoff Theatre.

Those are actually pretty good seats because you can see everything, but you are a little far. So if you want close up and personal you better be ready to pay over 200 USD!

I have no photos from the show since you are not allowed to take any pictures but I did break the rule a little and took this at the end of the show during all the clapping.

The end of the show.

This show was incredible. It was my first Broadway musical and it did not disappoint! SO if you guys plan on going to New York and haven´t seen the Lion King, it is every dollars worth.

Times Square in New York.

That is it for our Saturday in New York!


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