Our last day in New York and we spent it trying to see as much of it as possible in a day.

We started the day off by taking a sightseeing ferry from Pier 78 all the way to Brooklyn. It took roughly 45 minutes, and we even got a fantastic tour guide who told us all about the history of New York.

On the ferry, we got a stunning view of Manhattan. From Pier 78 all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge

Once we arrived in Brooklyn, we roamed around for a bit before grabbing lunch at the Dekalb Market Hall. It was so much fun seeing all the cute little shops selling so many different kinds of food, from noodles to pulled pork, tacos and so much more. It was nice how next door there was Trader Joe’s which my sister loves due to the Mochi ice cream they sell.

Roaming around Brooklyn was nice. Way prettier than I thought it would be
Fletcher’s at the Dekalb Market had the best-pulled pork sandwich.

Afterward, we stopped by Target for a couple of stuff before taking the ferry back to Pier 78. On the way back, to our surprise, we got to see the Statue of Liberty. It was quite amazing to see it in person, especially when we didn’t know that the ferry would go by it.

It was such a wonderful surprise that the ferry went by the Statue of Liberty

Next thing we did was take a tour of Uptown, we didn´t do the whole tour but like almost half. We thought it was enough since we also wanted to walk around Central Park for a bit. We walked around Central Park for a while. It was quite lovely and cozy to be surrounded by nature. Especially since in Manhattan, there’s nothing but skyscrapers everywhere else.

Central Park was so beautifully green.

As we were getting a bit hungry, we went to a little place called Boqueria for some churros. I’d heard that they had one of the best churros in New York. Me being the food addict that I am, I wanted to check it out for myself.

The churros at Boqueria were as good as I was told they were gonna be

In the evening, my sister and I took a night tour of New York. The tour went all over the Lower East Side like Chinatown and stuff and then going over to Brooklyn and back.

On the way back to Manhattan, we got this lovely view of the sunset

After the night tour, we went up the Empire State Building and enjoyed an insane view of New York at night. Seeing all the city lights with the black night sky in the background was amazing. The photos don’t do it justice.

The stunning view from atop the Empire State

Before crashing of exhaustion back at our hotel room, we quickly grabbed some late dinner at Arby’s. It was close to our hotel, pretty cheap and most importantly, we were famished.

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