Who are the two sisters?
Check out “About us” for some more details.

When did you decide to travel the world together?
Eva has been dreaming of a RTW travel since her early 20´s and Lara was determined to travel after graduating from High school and figure out her next moves.

How much did your trip cost?
The full amount is not final, but our estimated budget is currently 2.500.000 ISK (22,000 USD/19,500 EUR) and that includes everything from plane tickets, pre booked tours, living costs, accommodation, extra activities, vaccinations, visas, insurance and more.

Where are you located now?
Click here to view our travel map.

How did you decide where to go and what to do?
Well, in the beginning, we each made our own list of destinations and places we wanted to visited. We then combined them and looked at what we agreed upon and what was different. We actually had to go through the list several times since our initial plan was for 9-12 months but we cut it down to 5-6 months. Going for a short period meant we had more funds to go around instead of living on a really tight budget for a longer period of time.

Where are you from?
We are both born and raised in Iceland, however Lára´s mom (Eva´s stepmom) is from the Philippines so she is half Philippina and we have both been to the Philippines several times.

How did you organize your flights?
We made a list (check out this awesome excel spreadsheet) which we handed over to the Kilroy office in downtown Reykjavik. We informed them when we would like to leave, approximately and where we would like to be at each time, again approximately, and Helen Hennesdóttir, our agent, made some cool suggestions for us.

What about insurance?
Well, overall they did not cost us much. We actually have American Express which is valid for 90 days, however, for a mere 11.500 (100 USD / 90 EUR) we were able to add 90 days to our credit card insurance. Kilroy also offered us a new cancellation insurance which covers almost everything else regular insurance do not cover and the price was 7% of the total cost booked via Kilroy.

Have you traveled a lot and where have you been?
Eva has had a head start by 12 years and travels a lot each year with her Fiancé and through work and Lára is getting there slowly but steadily, you can find our travel maps under “About Us