Walk around the Botanical Gardens

In the garden can be found beautiful fountains and sculptures.

The Royal Botanical Gardens is Australia‘s oldest scientific institution, having opened in 1816. Situated in the heart of the city. The garden has multiple entrances, even one by the Sydney Opera House. It is open every day of the year and access is free. On a beautiful summer day, I highly recommend doing a picnic in the gardens. While we were in Sydney, my sister wanted to do a picnic there. I had no interest, but she ended up doing it with a couple of friends. A little bit of wine, a little bit of food in a cozy not so small garden.  

Visit the Sydney Opera House  

Sydney’s famous Opera house

You can‘t go to Sydney and not visit the Sydney Opera House. This historic landmark, designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, broke ground in 1959 but didn‘t formally open until 1973. The multi-venue performing arts center is situated beautifully on the Sydney Harbour. Bearing a spectacular view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Although shows are quite pricey, if it‘s within your budget I highly recommend going to a show at the Sydney Opera House. From the accounts of many, it‘s spectacular. Ticket prices usually range between 73 – 395 AUD. Depending on how good the seats are.

Walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Standing across the Sydney Opera House is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Steel through arch bridge that goes across Sydney Harbour. Designed and built by the British firm Dorman Long and Co Ltd of Middlesbrough. It was nine years in the making, construction began in 1923 and finished in 1932. Walking across the bridge can give you a wonderful view of the Sydney Harbour. Another fun thing to do is to climb the bridge. It can be done anytime of the day, and prices vary between 293 – 378 AUD for adults. 193 – 268 AUD for children.

Visit the Strand Arcade

Strand Arcade

A Victoria-style shopping arcade situated in the central area of the business district. The arcade stands three stories high and contains the preliminary boutiques that characterized the shopping experience in Sydney back in the 1890‘s. Designed by English architect John Spencer, the arcade opened in 1892. Since then it has endured two depressions, two world wars, and even two major fires. The arcade has a wide variety of little shops. From barbershops, boutiques to tasty places such as Sweet Infinity. They‘ve got delicious pies.

Visit the ANZAC War Memorial in Hyde Park

At night The ANZAC Memorial is a sight to behold. 

The main commemorative military monument in Sydney is the ANZAC Memorial. Built as a memorial to the Australian Imperial Force of World War 1. It was designed by C. Bruce Dellit with exterior sculptures and figural reliefs done by Rayner Hoff. Situated in the southern part of Hyde Park, the oldest public park in Australia, at the edge of the central business district.

Go to the Farm Cove Lookout Point

The view from Farm Cove is breathtaking.

Farm Cove is a tidal inlet and shallow bay, situated in Sydney Harbour. Farm Cove‘s lookout point has stunning views of not only the city. It also bears great views of Sydney Harbour, from the bridge to the iconic Sydney Opera House. There are benches all along the lookout point as well as a garden of sorts. Allowing for a cozy little picnic or such things with beautiful views of Sydney Harbour and the city.

Do the Bondi Coastal Walk

Bondi Beach

Almost immediately upon arriving in Sydney, I was told the Bondi Coastal Walk was a must. Aside from visiting the iconic Bondi beach, one simply had to do to the walk. Which goes from Bondi all the way to Coogee. The walk is free, and anyone can do it. There are tours available. However, I recommend doing it yourself without a guide. There were small signs all over the place if there was anything of significance. Furthermore, there are signs everywhere pointing where to go if one is doing the walk. There are even signs urging people to start at the beginning. My friend and I started at 5.30 PM from Bondi, reaching Coogee around 7.40 PM. It is worth noting that it took us quite a while, mostly because we stopped so many times to take about bizillion pictures.

Go up the Sydney Tower Eye

The view from the Sydney Tower Eye 

The view from the Sydney Tower Eye observation deck is spectacular. Particularly at sunset with breathtaking views. Admissions for adult start at 19,60 AUD with children it‘s 13,30 AUD. There is even a special price for students and seniors, 14,70 AUD. There are two ways you can purchase a ticket, either online or at the ticket desk at the tower. I only recommend purchasing a ticket if you plan on going at sunset time. Since it‘s obviously among the busiest times of the day, it‘s probably best to buy a ticket in advance just to be safe.

Take a ferry to Manly Beach

Watching the sunset on the ferry coming back from Manly is simply the best

Another thing I was told that was an absolute must is Manly Beach. Situated along the northern beaches of Sydney. The beautiful beach has great waves, beautiful sands and cozy cafés and restaurant are lined up across the street. A favorite among tourists and locals alike. One can take a ferry to Manly from Darling Harbour, however, then you need to change boats at Circular Quay Wharf 6. The other is, of course, Circular Quay. From 7.15 AM – 8.30 AM ferry prices are 7.80 AUD for adults and 5.20 AUD for children. After 8.30 AM prices for adults go up to 8.70 AUD. I recommend going on a Sunday because on Sundays all matters of transportation cost in total 2 AUD.  The ferry goes every hour at 10 and 40 minutes past.

Go to Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour

Originally named Long Cove, the harbor is a large recreational and pedestrian area. Situated on the outskirts of the central business district. In the area are a lot of restaurants, cafés and beautiful architecture.

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