Fanny Pack

I never thought I would be the type to use a fanny pack. However, since getting stylish leather one as a present, I’ve learned to love them.

During my trip around the world, I‘ve discovered how multi functioning my little black leather fanny pack is. Given to me as a graduation gift. I initially brought it with me for when I felt unsafe so I could keep my passport, credit cards and money in a safe place. However, during my actual travels, I suddenly found myself wearing it like a shoulder bag and using as a normal purse. As of right now, I‘m in love with it, and I can‘t see myself traveling without it. Especially since, when I‘m not using, unlike „normal“ purses, it takes almost zero space in my luggage.

Packing cubes

Whoever invented packing cubes is a hero because they have made organizing my bag so easy. I have been able to organize all of my clothes very neatly thanks to my packing cubes. The packing cubes I have are from Tom Bihn and specifically made to fit my Aeronaut 45. They aren‘t the cheapest ones on the market, but I love them. The whole thing except the bottom part is mesh so I can find easily everything I have in each one. Which makes finding a specific item a piece of cake.

Travel towel

My travel towel is from Waves Gear and it wasn’t cheap. On the road, I discovered it was the best money I ever spent.

There have been so many occasions when my Drylite towel from Waves gear has been so useful, especially when I‘ve stayed in hostels. For those of you who haven‘t stayed in hostels, it‘s very common for there to be no complimentary towel. Since my drylite towel dries fast and can easily fold up to the same size of a t-shirt, it has saved me countless times. From when I‘ve gone to the beach to staying at hostels.

Coin Purse

I got this at a dollar store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It has been so useful in keeping multiple currencies of coins.

In the first week of my RTW trip, I realized it wasn‘t a good idea to carry around my wallet (which carried all my credit-/debit cards and cash) when I‘m out and about. Therefore, when I was out, I kept my debit card and cash in a small pocket in my fanny pack. It wasn‘t really comfortable because of there always a fear of it falling out. However, in Kuala Lumpur, I finally got around buying a small coin purse, and it made all the difference. It instantly became my tiny little wallet, and when I wasn‘t using it as a tiny wallet, I kept all the local coins in there.


My sister’s power bank is the EasyACC and she absolutely loves it. Mine, however, is as pictured, a no name brand. Parents bought it in the Philippines and gave it to me.

Two months before I left for my trip, my father gave me his power bank telling me that it would come in handy. During my travels, I realized, it didn‘t just come in handy, it was essential. Countless times has my phone been close to dying, and I‘ve either been on a sleeper bus, an airplane or someplace where I can‘t plug in my phone. In those moments, my power bank saved my phones life. I can‘t ever imagine traveling without one anymore.

Universal power adaptor

I got mine a couple of years ago at a random bookstore. I know adapters can be found almost anywhere.

I have a Swiss universal power adaptor which I bought many years ago on my way to the Philippines. Since then, it has been an essential item in my bag when I travel. It has enabled me to plug my stuff in without needing to think twice about it. I don‘t need to go out and specifically buy an adaptor for a specific plug since my adaptor has it all. In addition, so far it has lasted me the past couple of years. Today, it still works great and probably will continue to do so for a couple more years.

Rain jacket/windbreaker

For my trip, I got the North Face Venture Jacket. I love this jacket. It came in handy so many times, especially in Morocco. It was a bit windy when we were in Casablanca. 

My rain jacket/windbreaker is the North Face Women‘s Jacket Venture and I love it to death. It‘s super comfortable and works very well. There have been many instances where it either started raining or got quite windy unexpectedly. In those instances my rain jacket/windbreaker totally shined, keeping me dry and even a little warm. I got mine on sale but definitely would have purchased it at full price. Especially since at full price it still would have been cheaper than most other brands out there.

Reusable ziplock bag

While in Kuala Lumpur after shopping in Sephora I received a reusable zip lock bag as a gift with purchase. Ever since it has been amazing at keeping all my liquids in one place and preventing them leaking all over the insides of my bag. The best part about a reusable zip lock bag is not needing to worry about it suddenly having a hole in it. Leaving the insides of your bag wet all of a sudden because you somehow missed the part where it got torn….

Hand sanitizer

During my travels, I have gone through so many bottles of hand sanitizer. They have been a lifesaver for a germaphobe such as myself. After using a public bathroom, eating street food and even after having been on a dirty public transport, some hand sanitizer definitely came in handy.Face-mask

Sleep mask

From traveling on a 12-hour sleeper bus to staying in a 12-person dorm at a party hostel, my dearly beloved sleep mask has enabled me to sleep properly. Personally, noise doesn‘t really bother me. I can fall asleep fairly well despite a lot of noise. A lot of light, however, is something I can‘t do. Unfortunately for me, in order for me to get a good nights sleep, I need it to be pitch black. Therefore, a sleep mask is essential if I want to sleep.

Noise canceling headphones

After 5 1/2 months on the road, the case for my Bose headphones isn’t as pretty anymore as it used to be

My Bose noise canceling headphones have saved my sanity countless times. Especially on flights, where for some reason, some people can‘t help but be noisy in the most annoyingly way humanly possible. When you add to that the noise of the plane and everything, it almost becomes unbearable. Thanks to my headphones I have still managed to retain my sanity and patience on flights.

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