The city of Chiang Mai, located in the mountainous northern part of Thailand, is the best place to relax after the chaos of Bangkok. The centuries-old city has many beautiful temples scattered all over the city and are practically within walking distance from each other. My sister and I went there last February and stayed there for three days. We had a wonderful time and thanks to our driver, Mr. Chow, we got to visit many interesting places that we otherwise would not have. Therefore, we wanted to share with you and give you ideas on what you could do/see/visit in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai.

Visit the temples

In Chiang Mai, there are four temples located downtown that are within walking distance from each other. One can easily spend all morning visiting the temples.

Wat Chiang Mun Temple, one of the four located downtown.

Orchid and Butterfly Farm

At Wat Chiang Man, we met Mr. Charun, and he offered to be our driver for a day for only 500 THB. We happily accepted his offer, and the first place he took us was to the Orchid and Butterfly Farm. My sister, being an orchid and butterfly lover, was ecstatic and we both had an amazing time looking at all the beautiful orchids and seeing the different kinds of butterflies. Most of them were very big, though. In addition, at the farm, they make all kinds of beautiful jewelry from the flowers which were also cool to check out.

A beautiful butterfly eating a banana at the Orchid and Butterfly Farm. 
They sell jewelry made from real flowers at the farm. 

Tiger Kingdom

Nearly everyone I met in Chiang Mai either said they went to an elephant sanctuary or were going to go to one. My sister and I, however, being the who we are, opted to visit the Tiger Kingdom instead. We were way more interested in tigers than elephants, and in our experience, Tiger Kingdom was a once in a lifetime experience.

It’s located next to the Orchid and Butterfly Farm. Therefore if you go to either of the places, you can easily visit both. The entrance fee is based on which of the different types of tigers you wish to see.

Me getting my photo taken with a tiger. He didn’t seem to like me very much, not that I can blame him.

Thai Silk Village

This is another place our dear driver Mr. Chow took us to that we had never heard of. At Thai Silk Village you can see exactly how silk is made. Right next to the workshop is a store where you can either buy a fabric of silk in a bundle or as ready-made clothing. If my sister and I weren’t on a budget, we probably would have splurged on a silk item or two.

The Thai Silk Village.
A woman weaving silk at the Thai Silk Village.

Go to the Night Bazaar

At night, Chiang Mai ‘s famous Night Bazaar comes to life. In some areas of the bazaar, you can find good street food for cheap, like 20-50 THB for a full plate of food. In other areas, you can go to a Fish Spa and for half an hour its 100 THB. On the main street of the Night Bazaar, you can easily shop ‘til you drop scoring amazing deals since bargaining is a part of the deal there.

Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar.
Among the many amazing things you can find at the Night Bazaar, a customized passport holder. 


For the more adventurous types, you can spend all morning zip-lining like my sister, and I did when we were in Chiang Mai. We went with Flight of the Gibbon, and we had such a great time. We even met some cool new people, and overall it was an amazing experience. We paid 4000 THB with Flight of the Gibbon, and although it sounds expensive, it isn’t that expensive with everything that’s inclusive.

While zip-lining, to get between stations there, you would have to walk across these long thin bridges.

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