You might be wondering how it all began, what I mean is why at the age of 32 to go on a tour around the world.

To be honest it has been a dream of mine for almost two decades to travel the world and I have been working on it with my fiancé for the past 17 years, but taking short trips 2-3 weeks back and forth is totally different from the long-term back pack experience. I asked if my fiancé would like to go with me or join my sister and I but he is not the back packing sort of fellow so he won´t be joining me this time around.

My sister and I started thinking about this trip about 3-4 years ago, but that seems like such a long time so it was not really a huge discussion until spring 2016. Then we sat down together and made a list of countries and places we wanted to visit and activities that we wanted to experience. Our list was quite long in the beginning since the initial plan was to travel for 9-12 months. However that is a very long time and with everything else going on we settled on a little less than 6 months. This gives us a little more budget pr. day and we will hopefully be able experience more things instead.

Once we made the initial list and adjusted the time frame it was time to be realistic about everything and keep in mind which places we could fit it into our flight schedule and which were just not in route. We ended up choosing the travel agency Kilroy in Iceland since they are the experts when it comes to RTW trips. We got a great travel agent who has been immensely helpful during the whole process.

She booked the flights for us and a few organized trips which we really wanted to book and make sure we had 100%, other trips will be sorted as we travel and on site.

So far we have made all the necessary flight reservations, a few tours and a few nights around the comings and goings of our flights. This means we have about one third of our trip organized, the rest is still open!

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