I just came back from a three-day business trip in Copenhagen and I can tell you there are so many things to do and see despite the short daylight hours, the cold climate and so forth.

If you are fond of Christmas markets you will not be disappointed with what Copenhagen (CPH) has to offer. There are a few vendors right on Nyhavn along with several restaurants. I had the pleasure of dining at Gorms in Nyhavn my first night and got a delicious pizza and homemade ginger alcohol fused drink. It is located at Nyhavn 14, 1051 København K.

Gorms pizza (2)

I arrived on a chilly but sunny Monday and the view from the bridge by Nyhavn was lovely as you can see by these pictures (and of course I had to add a selfie).

Nyhavn Nyhavn Eva

That same day I took a lovely walk along the coast line and went to Esplanaden /Kongeporten by the nice old church, the castle and of course I had to say hi to „Den Lille Havfrue“.


I still remember my first visit to the statue. I had seen so many pictures and I was quite disappointed at first, it was such a tiny statue and a lot of travelers.  Well it was in the middle of summer, sunny day and so on but it has grown on me since then. This time around, I was there between 4 and 5 in the afternoon and there were just me and two others wondering around the place. I got a beautiful picture during the twilight hours.

Den lille havfrue
On my second day, I had a meeting the whole day so I had a simple breakfast at the guesthouse I was staying at, Somandshjemmet called Hotel Bethel which is on Nyhavn. Reasonably priced at this time of year, 795 DKK! It is a very simple accommodation, but it is clean and spacious room with a shower that works. My only comment is that since I am from Iceland we heat our houses a lot and I seldom feel cold at home, however my first evening was a bit chilly and I recommend pajamas.

I recommend visiting Nordatlantisk Brygge, what a lovely house just at the other end of the bridge. Lovely building with a lot of Scandinavian offices including the Icelandic Embassy.
The same evening we had the pleasure of dining at Den Lille Fede Restaurant (meaning the little fat restaurant) at Kongens Nytorv. Their specialty is a 5 or 7 course menu with or without wine. You can go for a single course but I do recommend the experience. We were a group of 5 people and we got a lovely table at the inner part of the restaurant. They actually change their menu every month, around the 15th so you can count on getting something different each time. I was a bit skeptical since I am quite the … what do you call an opposite of a foodie… don´t get me wrong, I love food but I tend to be a picky eater… I am working on it though! Anyhow – everything was delicious on the menu and it was the perfect amount and plenty of wine. I even got to change my red wine to white since my taste buds haven´t evolved yet.

For my last day, Wednesday we had a shorter day of meetings and we had a reservation at Ida Davidsen. Classic „smorrebrod“ as the Danes call it or open sandwich to be more precise. When we came, it seemed to be full however once we got inside and got our table we felt it was busy but not over crowded. I had some shrimp and “fiskeboller” (fishballs) and the others had many variations. The classic way of eating “smorrebrod” is with en „Øl“ or beer and snaps a.k.a. aquavit. Our organizers informed us that we would need a minimum of two dishes to be satisfied and if they were small we might need the third one. I was pretty full with my two but the guys fetched the third one. The experience was incredible.


Our waiter (sorry didn´t get your name – but I got your picture) was amazing, funny, accommodating and overall gave us the extra touch to the experience.


We also got to meet Ida Davidsen the fourth generation of running the restaurant and her son Oscar Davidsen – doesn´t he look awesome? He was our greeter and informed us what we could choose from that particular day – since their menu changes as well!

If you intend on going, make sure you book a table since walk-ins seldom get a table except a few hours later.
They also offer Ida´s smorrebrod book if you would like to try for your own sandwiches.

If you have the time, I recommend talking a walk on Store Kongensgade. They have many great shops for both food, design and antiques. I stopped over by Ostehjornet (the cheese corner) cheese shop and if you want your smelly slice of cheese, this is the place to go! Update, I just heard it closed on December 31st 2016 however they will be located in Ostetorvet in Torvehallerne.

Since we still had some time before I had to catch my plane we decided to have some coffee and desert somewhere else and ended up at Norden on Strøget. I must admit I have walked by every time when in Copenhagen and I had no idea what I was missing out on. It is a lovely coffeehouse and restaurant on two floors. We sat up on the second floor and got a great view overlooking Strøget. I had this massive triple layer chocolate salted caramel cake slice along with some real hot chocolate and I was unable to finish so I recommend sharing!

Norden-CPH (1)
That is what you can accomplish with your short time in Copenhagen. Almost looks like a food blog but what can you expect from the cake fanatic!
Happy December everyone.

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